Hello, I am Matiss.

I am a freelance/contract Ruby on Rails, Node.JS & Front-end developer.

If you are looking for a freelance Ruby on Rails, Node.js or Front-end developer


Matiss Kiris

* Matiss - Web developer

My name is Matiss. I am a freelance/contract web developer based in Latvia who enjoys developing web applications of all kinds using Ruby on Rails (2 - 4), NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Memcahced, HTML(5), CSS and JavaScript in an agile manner. Please see below for a full list of my skills.

I love clean, readable and well managed code. I like to keep everything as simple as possible. I am a big fan of responsive, clean (minimalist) and user friendly/oriented web design.

I have worked on a lot of projects starting from small websites, CMS, mobile apps to large scale and complex strategic planing platforms. Several applications that I architected, implemented and maintained are in active production use.

My Résumé

List of my skills

  • Ruby - Ruby on Rails (2 - 4), Sinatra, RSpec
  • JavaScript - Node.JS, Express.js, Koa, Angular.JS, Dojo Kit, Require.JS, ReactJS, Jasmin, Mocha, Karma, Grunt, Websockets
  • Writing clean and readable code - I use JSHint for JavaScript, RuboCop for Ruby and CSSLint for CSS
  • Revision control and code management - Git, Hg, GitHub, BitBucket
  • Frontend development - HTLM(5), CSS, SCSS/Sass, Less, Bootstrap, Responsive/Mobile first
  • Cutting up designs (PSDs) in Photoshop
  • RDBMS - PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • NoSQL databases - Redis, Memcached, MongoDB
  • RESTful API implementation
  • Web applications deploy, monitoring, maintenance on Linux - Chef, Mina, Capistrano, Monit, Nginx
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Mobile application development and publishing - iOS (Cordova/PhoneGap)
  • Commercial experience - Worked in a innovative digital agancy as a web developer for 2 years on-site and remotely
  • Work experience starting with small websites and ending with large planning plaforms and market reasearch applications
  • Agile project management - Scrum, Pivotal Tracker

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